Solo travel: everything you need to know

Solo travel: everything you need to know

The truth about traveling alone and what impact solo travel can have in our life!

Right now all of us wanna know how our life will change and what will be different and change. After months of isolation we wanna go back to our normal routine life, meeting friends again and going for coffees like we used to.

But maybe we also gonna use our new “freedom” to take the chance of doing all those things we always wanted to do but never did. Like doing that solo trip that has been postponed in the past a few times, because we were not ready back then to do it?

Well now it might be not the best time to travel. Most of us are in quarantine, so pretty much no one is able to travel right now with borders being closed and hotels not taking any bookings.

But as soon as things go back to normal there won´t be any time for excuses anymore! When traveling will be possible again take that chance to go on a solo trip, like you always wanted to.

Keep on reading to find out everything that is important for you to know about solo traveling.

To travel the world is a hearts decision

Solo Traveling to Paris
Not sure yet where your first solo trip will go?
Paris is a great option and absolutely safe for female solo travelers.
The wall is called Le mur des je t´aime

When I am thinking back of the time I started traveling solo I still can´t believe how naive and full of excitement I was – a little 19 year old girl who left her home and all responsibilities behind to travel the world. Her first stop was New Zealand. A country she fell in love with immediately, and that became her home for some time. And today I can´t believe how right that girl was back then and how thankful I am to my younger self everyday that I made this decision. Looking back, now almost ten years later I know that I would not have even experienced close as much as I did if I would not have made the decision to leave my safe haven and comfort zone behind. Still sometimes I wonder where this obsession to travel came from and why people feel the urge of traveling.

Until today I don´t know the answer but I highly assume it is a decision that our heart makes for us. It is a call from the world that our heart listens to and whenever we hear that call we always have to follow and trust our heart to do the right thing and to lead us the right way.

Solo travel means freedom

As well as the wish for absolute freedom in everything you do. Freedom to go everywhere you want, with who you want and when. Without depending on someone other than yourself.

And during the years solo traveling became an obsession for me, in many ways kind of like a therapy. It built up an imense amount of self confidence and it became an addiction that I don´t wanna miss in life again, that I didn´t know before my body and soul would crave for so much. And if you have once experienced freedom and independence in a whole new way, you don´t wanna return back to your normal life that you used to live in, as the same person you used to be.

The wish of traveling alone

And I know there are many of you out there with that big wish in their mind to go out and see the world as well. For longer than just their annual two weeks holiday. Not only to see new places, but to leave old ones behind and to experience things that you know your home will never be able to give to you.

Many people don´t realize they live their whole life in a bubble. A safe and protected bubble with everything you need to live a happy, normal life, BUT with limited space to expand your horizon and to keep on growing. But we humans need to grow and to extend our limits, otherwise we just stop in the middle and just exist. One person among hundreds.

And that is what traveling provides us, it gives us new challenges and helps us to reach for our dreams and to grow beyond us.

Traveling solo is easier than you think!

How many times have you seen pictures or listened to stories of people traveling solo and thought you would also want to try it out, and to experience new things, but are afraid of the unknown and what´s about to come? Let me tell you that you are not alone. The sad part is that many people give up quickly on their travel plans because of the overwhelming feeling and to many fears, that mostly are just inside their head.

All it takes is trust, faith and wanderlust!

Why you have to start solo traveling - New Zealand Milford Sound

The good part is that all those fears and worries can be overcome very easy and quickly, and won´t hold you back to have the best experience in your life.

Traveling will give you a lot of confidence that pushes and helps you along the way. And all those fears you only have once, and once they are gone and you know how to overcome them, they won´t come back and you can fully concentrate on your future travel plans. It only takes a bit of preparation and research to start and then there is nothing to hold you back from starting your adventure.

And to be honest, a very simple questions, are you afraid of walking alone on the street in your home town or going to the supermarket or shopping mall by yourself? Probably not, right? So if you can do it in your home town why would you not be able to do it somewhere else? And with the help of Google Maps, Wifi and power banks chances are very low nowadays that you get lost.

So stop making excuses! Because there is nothing to be afraid of.

So as soon as you start thinking about traveling solo you should really consider doing it. And don´t wait for to long, you might waste precious time overthinking your plans when you could instead already discover far away places like Australia or New Zealand, that are two absolute perfect destinations for first time solo travelers.

But will solo traveling be safe? Especially for female solo travelers?

That is just another excuse and trick from your brain to hold you back. Traveling has been and will always be safe as long as you know to use your common sense and if you don´t put yourself in obvious danger!

If you are worried about your safety I would not recommend you to travel to countries were there are political unstable issues or where it is not recommended for a woman to travel solo.

And no matter where you go, each place has their good and bad sides, the absolute safest place on earth does not exist. Just know where to go and which places to avoid and you will be absolutely fine! For that you can always ask the locals or other travelers. Everyone will be very willing to help you find your way around.

Solo traveling to New Zealand
Whenever it is possible i travel to New Zealand. It is the best country for solo traveling and is completely safe. Here i am at Milford Sound in NZ.

The most common fear of solo travel

When you start thinking About solo traveling you won´t get over the feeling of worrying if you will stay alone the whole time.

And that is the most biggest fear people have when planing their solo trip, and what family and friends are mostly worried about. You will definitely face questions like:

„How can you travel all by yourself?“
„What do you wanna do in a foreign country all alone?“
„What if something happens to you and no one is there with you?“

You have to shut out those voices very quickly because the truth is, something that is for outsider people hard to believe:

Traveling solo does not mean to be alone. And being alone does not mean being lonely!

One reason why solo traveling is so popular is the fact that you will meet A LOT of new people and fellow travelers that are in the exact same situation like you. They don´t know anyone, that´s why they get to know new people like you. And it is the most natural and easy thing to do when you are in a new place that other travelers will approach you and ask you things like where you are from or what are your travel plans.

Get to know people from all across the world

That´s the way to get to know people who can join you on your tours and might become close friends.

Friends you get to know during your trips are so value because you share the same big passion and you know and understand the situation you are in. Something your friends at home might not relate to as much as other travelers. So keep the contact to people you met on your way, you will most likely meet again at a different time, in a different place.

To be honest, it is one of the biggest rewards to have friends from everywhere around the world. And it is very easy to get to know new people and friends while traveling alone.

You see, traveling solo never means that you will be alone forever.

Appreciate the “alone” time

At the same time you should appreciate the time you are actually alone and that is one of the most important things you learn while traveling solo.

When you decide to go on a walk just by yourself you will have a lot of time to think about everything, your life, your values and what you want to achieve in the future. Those moments only belong to you and are the main reason you decided to travel solo, and not with your friends or family.

In our life it is mostly about how we please anyone else, what we can do to get the best results in our job or how we make the best impression in our social surrounding. But it is never about us and that´s why solo traveling can be a big eye opener when you start to decide what is actually best for you!

What brings you forward in life that is not defined by society. You start to learn to appreciate the time that you have and will be open for everything new that is gonna come along the way!

You will develop new skills, like photography! Before traveling my photography skills were limited to pushing the button on my phone. Now I try to capture the moments with my camera, in every new location I am, using the power of the right light and composition.

And with new skills also new ideas will come you never thought about!

Like starting a travel blog to share your journey and photography with others.

Solo traveling New Zealand

Be open for changes and new experiences

You see, the part of being alone while traveling pushes your own imaginations and creativity to a whole new level that probably would not have happened while sitting at home.

And with creativity also your point of view of the world will change!

Traveling to different cultures and countries, as well as meeting travelers from different parts of the world will make you see the world in a new light and will make you understand better how people live a different way of life. As well as mutual respect and helpfulness.

Learn something new everyday

In addition sooner or later travel will teach you to change your values in life. Traveling forces you in a good way to open your eyes for the real important things. One of the biggest that I am most thankful for is the fact of valuing every happy moment during the day, no matter how big or small and just being thankful for the life I am able to life. Regardless if you are traveling or not but being thankful for everything good in life is the key to happiness.

The same with respect and patience, for every person you meet and every situation you find yourself in. Something that gets mostly forgotten in the rush of our daily routine and busy schedule.

Traveling solo will slow your life down with all the aspects and will teach you values and things that will bring you far forward in every situation in your life.

Value, respect and appreciate while traveling solo

Those alone are reason enough why every one of us should leave their home and comfort zone behind at least once and go on a solo trip far away from family, friends and things you know.

For me the learning aspect is the main reason, why I will always plan my next big solo travel adventure. And I am excited to see what is next to come. What life provides next for me after the lockdown is over and borders are open again.

And it will for you, too! It is easier than you think, if you put all your fears aside and just embrace a big change in your life that will open the world for you and your future. And what better time could be than right now? Start to research for places you wanna go! Now you have time, use it well!

I hope I could give you some valuable reasons to start planning your own big move out to the world and that one day you come back with your suitcase full of memories, skills and motivations. No matter where it will take you. Life is one big adventure!

And until your plane takes off, stay safe and healthy!

Love, Alice xo

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  1. 26. August 2020 / 16:53

    These are great tips and ideas for traveling solo. I haven’t done it yet but once I’m allowed I’ll be going to France for 4 months solo for work (but also a lot of play)! Thanks for sharing.

    • Alice
      30. August 2020 / 12:24

      I wish you good luck for your travel plans and hope you will be able to go there soon. France is really beautiful and the people are very nice, so I am sure you will have a good time! 🙂

  2. 26. August 2020 / 16:35

    Great advice! I defiantly have a fear of traveling alone but now I’ll need to rethink that. Thank you!!

    • Alice
      30. August 2020 / 12:21

      Hi Moriah! I know many people have fear to travel alone, but you just have to start and everything will fall in place. Start somewhere around your own country or not to far from your home. Like a weekend trip by yourself or a trip to a city you always wanted to visit.

  3. 26. August 2020 / 16:34

    Your blog has motivated me to travel solo. Until now I have traveled only with family and sometimes there are limitations.

    • Alice
      30. August 2020 / 12:16

      Happy to hear that Branjan! And even if you just go on a short trip, the time you travel by yourself is so valuable because you decide where to go and how long to stay.

  4. 18. June 2020 / 3:15

    Such a beautiful post. I really need to try traveling solo one of these days♥️

    • Alice
      18. June 2020 / 21:27

      Thank you Becky! You should definitely plan on traveling solo. It does not have to be a big journey. The best way to start is with short solo trips that are not to far away, just to get a feeling for traveling alone.

  5. Jessica
    21. May 2020 / 4:20

    I love traveling solo! I’m traveling to Jekyll Island in GA late this summer with my dog, if it’s safe by then. This post is very inspiring!

    • Alice
      21. May 2020 / 12:44

      Hello Jessica, thank you very much! Fingers crossed that you can go on your trip! I would love to have a dog that i can take with me on trips.

  6. 21. May 2020 / 2:17

    This is inspiring! I would love to travel solo someday!

    • Alice
      21. May 2020 / 12:38

      Hello Vidya, thank you for your comment! Definitely do it one day, it is an amazing experience 🙂

  7. 21. May 2020 / 1:34

    Would love to do some solo travel one day so this is super inspiring! Great post 🙂

    • Alice
      21. May 2020 / 12:34

      Thank you Kelly! You should really do it one day. There is no one i know who traveled alone and said they regreted it, it’s the best experience 😉

  8. 20. May 2020 / 23:00

    That is very brave of you to have traveled on your own at 19! I would not even do that as a full grown adult! How much money did you have when you set out to go to New Zealand? Did you know before you left that you were going to stay on there for some time? Did you know anybody there before you arrived? How did you support yourself once you decided to stay on.

    • Alice
      20. May 2020 / 23:27

      Hi Robyn, thanks for your comment! 🙂 It was definitely not easy, i was on a working holiday visa and stayed for a whole year. I just had 3000 Euro (5360 New Zealand Dollar) with me which was not a lot but luckily i found a job in a hotel very quick. I did not know anyone there before but made friends with the people in my hostel and later in my flatshare and colleagues from work. And when i had enough money to travel i met so many people on the way, so i was never alone 😊 So i would absolutely recommend everyone to go on a solo trip, (does not need to be that long) but just to get that experience.

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