BLACK FRIDAY 2019 – How to get the best travel deals!

Black Friday Travel Deals

Everyone listen up – Black Friday is almost here!

With November the holiday and Christmas season come closer and with that one day everyone is talking about and that should be highlighted on every travelers calendar.

When does Black Friday start this year?

Usually Black Friday and Cyber Monday start right after Thanksgiving at the end of November. This year Black Friday is scheduled on 29/11/2019 and Cyber Monday on 02/12/2019.

No matter where you go, SALE signs pop up everywhere. Perfect for Christmas shopping – But did you know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only reserved for huge savings shopping clothes, electronic items and kitchen stuff?

On this day and even in the week after you will be able to find the best deals for trips, flights, hotels and activities to destinations that normally seem far beyond your (financial) reach!

This post will show you

  • How to prepare for Black Friday in order to make the most out of your money and to land the biggest deals!
  • Why you have to be very flexible with time
  • How to be the FIRST one to receive the big deals
  • Valuable tips how the biggest airlines and hotel brands celebrate this day with their costumers in order for you to be able to have the trip of a lifetime!

So take this huge opportunity to plan your upcoming trips for next year this November and be ready for DEALS, SALES and DISCOUNTS!

Things you have to prepare BEFORE Black Friday!

Plan in advance!

A bid of planning ahead of time is not only recommended but very important for you!

If you have no idea where you wanna go you will be overwhelmed on the day, with savings everywhere, that you might end up not booking because you simply can not decide where you wanna go.

To avoid that, brainstorm before Black Friday which destinations and trips are on the top of your bucket list. Maybe you already know exactly where to go and just wait for the big day to come.

Be flexible with your time

If you wanna book the best Black Friday deals you have to be flexible with your time, as not every deal might be available for every season or time of the year. Mostly airlines and hotels wanna fill up their capacity during low seasons and between school holidays. Those dates are sometimes even better to travel as places won´t be overcrowded with tourists.

Keep on checking websites before Black Friday!

In many cases you do not even have to wait until Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many companies offer the big deals already a few day before, so keep on checking the deals from today!

Sign up to newsletters and follow on social media accounts

If you don´t wanna miss anything I can recommend you to sign up to every newsletter from every airline or hotel brand, follow their social media accounts and keep an eye on their websites regularly!

And here are just a few examples of hotels, airlines and booking platforms that will be worth having a look.

Checking the direct websites of the airlines is always recommended because in many cases the fares are similar or even lower than on regular booking platforms, so always compare sites and fares.

Airlines that have huge deals before, during and even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday are

Similar to the airlines, hotels offer room rates up to 50% cheaper than the usual rates. Black Friday is a huge opportunity for you to book high class hotels for the price of an average motel room.

Check on these hotel websites for deals everywhere around the world

If you wanna combine flights, hotels, rental cars and more together checking out third party booking websites on Black Friday is everything.

Skyscanner, Expedia and Booking are already essential in a travelers life but are truly lifesaving on Black Friday!

Ready, Set, BOOK!

As you can see, the opportunities are endless.

Thankfully Black Friday found its way from America to the rest of the world so everyone can enjoy this time of the year with shopping and booking big deals.

As well as every traveler to get that wanderlust feeling back again.

So I hope that this post got you into the Black Friday travel mood as well and I would be happy to get to know your big savings and trips coming up in the comments below!



  1. 15. April 2020 / 21:36

    Hi, thanks for sharing this important info.
    I miss book flights and plan holidays… Skyscanner is definitely my fav. website.
    Nice post 😀

    • Alice
      15. April 2020 / 23:23

      You´re welcome! 🙂 Yes i also love Skyscanner, it always safed me a lot of time..

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