How to avoid a travel burnout

How to avoid a travel burnout

The secret about slow travel and how to avoid feeling tired of traveling the world

For most of us to travel means to experience new cultures and to discover new beautiful countries and places. Travel means to eat delicious, exotic food we have never heard about before, to learn a new language and simply to have a good time!

All of those things sound great but did you know that there is something called a travel burnout, that can hit you out of nowhere?

Yes, that is right. It is possible that something exciting like seeing the world can turn you down into a demotivated traveler.

I will explain to you what a travel burnout is, how it can happen to everyone of us and how to get out of it.

After all we travel to have fun and not to feel down! 🙂

Definition of a burnout

A burnout is a mental exhaustion as a reaction out of emotional or physical stress. If we are constantly put under pressure we feel more and more tired and our brain and body are not able anymore to recover fast enough. No matter how bad a burn out has proceed already, we need to listen to our body and push the break if we can´t stand up to our standard performance anymore. That can be at work, family issues, personal development, as well as traveling!

What is a travel burnout and how it can happen?

We mostly know it from work but a burnout can happen in every situation of our life, so when we travel, too.

You probably know the same issue. After you have been on a two weeks trip, that was great and kept you busy the whole time, you come home and you are just exhausted.

Pretty much you would actually need another two weeks off. Another vacation from vacation.

Especially long term travelers sometimes barely have a chance to rest and are constantly under pressure of planning out their itinerary, money and have to keep on organizing a lot of things, like visas, transportation, language barriers and so on.

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Feeling tired of traveling

On top of that the fact of changing location very often does not let your brain rest. You always have to get new orientation and are always fascinated and want to find out what every place has to offer. You are constantly exploring. That is the exiting part of traveling but that does not give your body time to reflect on the previous place and situations you have been before.

After some time new places don´t feel exciting anymore. You have already seen hundreds of waterfalls, have been to countless beaches and can´t even remember all the places anymore you have been. So many different cities, streets, people and cultures.

You are simply full of impressions. Feeling down and sad is the signal of your body to say STOP. And it does not help at all to move on to the next place. It could be that this will bring back the travel excitement but most of the time it will turn out the opposite.

Feeling tired of traveling ends up many times that people decide just to go back home to their routine life. That way they put an end to their travels and also to the travel burnout.

But going back home should be the last point on your list.

Here are some easy tips to help you avoid a travel burnout

travel slow to avoid a travel burn out

The most simple thing you should do right from the start is to travel slow!

Slow travel is a real common thing that many backpackers and globetrotters have to do from time to time to avoid a travel burnout.

It simply means to slow down and to stay in one place for a longer period of time. Give your body and soul time to reflect on the past few weeks and months where you were constantly changing locations.

Meet some local people and become friends. People who stay like you in the same place with you and can make longer conversations than just small talk. In the best case get yourself a small job somewhere and settle down for a few weeks. That will reload your batteries and give you new energy.

What you can do during your slow down time

  • Sort out your travel pictures and make up some space on your phone and memory card
  • Create travel picture albums to keep all those memories
  • Get a job somewhere to have something like a routine
  • Get a travel diary and write down your emotions and experiences
  • Keep in touch with people you have met on the way
  • Try to do some Yoga (it is super efficient)
  • But most important let your family and friends at home know how you are
  • Go back home for some time and spend some time with your loves 🙂

The only reason why you should go back home is just to get a break and some rest from traveling. But if you are still in your travel mood, don´t stay for to long.

Don´t wait until you are fully settled at your old place again. After a few weeks or also months you should be fully “recovered” again for some more exploration.

Just this time you know how to do it right and what not to do to avoid another downtime.

Travel burnout can be real. It does not happen overnight, but you should always listen to your body.

If you think you need a break from traveling just slow down.

Afterwards you will feel that excitement again and can move on to new places and adventures.

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How to avoid a travel burnout
Useful tips how to avoid a travel burnout



  1. Hailey
    15. July 2020 / 22:30

    I have definitely experienced travel burnout before. Our first international trip was 3 weeks and by the second week I was ready to come home. Not that I wasn’t having fun but it was exhausting and I missed my dog. Haha

    • Alice
      18. July 2020 / 9:13

      Hi Hailey, yes i think we all can relate to that. We are so excited seeing new destinations, our to do list is full and after the trip we are more tired than before.
      But that also shows that we are fully embracing new places and try to see and do as much as possible. But i hope you had a great time anyways, and i am sure your dog was very happy after you came back home 🙂

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