How to find new friends while traveling alone

Finding new friends while traveling

Get to know new people and friends on your journey with these easy tips!

To get to know new people is one of the most easiest and fun things to do while traveling and also very important. Especially when you travel solo. You wanna build up a travel community and in that way also find new friends and travel buddies.

Although it comes very natural in most cases but when someone travels alone for the first time the thought of speaking to strangers can be quiet scary. To take the fear away and to prepare you for your (solo) trip here are some very useful sentences you can use to start a conversation with new people.

It might be weird at the beginning but you will get used to it very quickly and get to know new people almost every single day. And the more you speak and connect with other travelers, of course the more fun and relaxed it will be.

Why it is important to get to know new people

People who travel solo know how to appreciate and use the time they are alone. But it is also important to get to know the people around you, that stay with you in the same place, be with you on the same tour or travel the same way. Most of the time new contacts are very valuable for your trip. Also after some time you need to talk to people so you are not felling lonely.

  •  Small talk while cooking in the hostel kitchen
  • Talking with your room mate that offers to give you a ride to your next destination
  • Talking to someone who can give you a lot of useful travel tips
  • Asking other travelers to join you on activities, nights out, hiking trips and so on
  • Finding someone that will join you on your way, for short or long term
  • Making new close friends from all over the world, you still will keep in touch after years and maybe meet again
  • or even finding a new partner who turns out to be the love of your life

You see talking to people while traveling is so important. By the end of the day no one wants to be alone. And sometimes we all seek company.

Always be friendly and smile

That´s the golden rule when meeting new people. A smile looks friendly, it also takes the pressure away of talking to strangers. It is so simple to make the other person feel comfortable you are talking with.

Just be yourself, that is the most easy way to get to know new people.

Helpful sentences to start a conversation

So to help you out at the beginning here are a few sentences that will make it easy for you to get to know new people and fellow travelers.

  • Hello, how are you? Where are you from?
  • Where are you going next?
  • I plan to go to XXX the next days and am looking for someone to give me some tips or who wants to join.
  • How long have you been traveling and where have you been?
  • Which place did you enjoy the most so far?
  • Could you give me some recommendations?
  • Are you traveling alone as well?

You see most of the sentences are questions and that´s because it is much easier to make the first move with a question instead of just start talking about yourself. It shows the other person that you are interested in starting a conversation and what the person has to say.

Contact people via Facebook groups

If you want to get in touch with people who are traveling to the same destinations as you look into Facebook groups and online travel communities. Those groups are fantastic to get to know people and are great to arrange some meet ups and group activities. That way you can easily find new travel buddies.

Friends from all over the world

Making new friends is one of the most valuable and important part while traveling alone. Some people will stay with you throughout your journey and some will become close friends.

During my journeys i have made many good friends from many different places that i am still in contact with. And every time the opportunity allows it i will go and visit them. Friends from all over the world can become like a part of your family.

Having friends from all over the world is one of the greatest gifts in life. Wherever you go you have the chance to meet again. Like i met my close friend i knew from New Zealand again in the Philippines, because she did invite me to her wedding.

And before meeting her i would have never imagined to attend to a beautiful and big wedding in the Philippines. All because i decided to travel overseas and to stay in contact. And I know it was not the last time to see her.

Or while I´ve been living back in Germany a friend I knew from Australia told me once that she would study for six months in Budapest, which is just a six hours train ride away from my home. It was a great short city trip to visit her in a place I have not been before.

Traveling is not only about the places, it is about the people we meet

Moments like this last forever. Traveling is not only about seeing new places. It is also about the people that we meet on the way who will at the end become a big part of our life.

So don´t be afraid of traveling alone for the first time because you won´t stay alone forever. Take this chance to get to know many new people and find new friends from across the world who share with you the same passion about traveling.

Love, Alice 🙂

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How to find new friends while traveling alone
Get to know new people while traveling alone



  1. 28. June 2020 / 23:03

    How fun! I love these ideas 💙

    • Alice
      1. July 2020 / 9:39

      Hi Catherine, You´re welcome 🙂

  2. 28. June 2020 / 22:35

    I’ve been thinking that I want to take a solo trip one day. Just something to mark off my bucket list. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Alice
      1. July 2020 / 9:38

      Hello Melissa, thank you. Definitely do it. You gonna love it 🙂

  3. 11. June 2020 / 21:28

    Wow, your experience is so amazing! Wedding in Philippines and a friend from Australia! That’s something sooo cool! I would love to read more about this kind of experience stories! Very, very inspiring!

    • Alice
      11. June 2020 / 21:57

      Hi Sandra! Thank you very much for your feedback 🙂 That is the thing about travel that i am most happy about, meeting people from all around the world is just amazing and opens new doors. Every travel experience is different and inspiring in their own way. I am sure you also have a lot of awesome stories to tell in your blog

  4. 7. May 2020 / 3:07

    Great suggestions! I travelled solo quite often until my kids came along and some of my best memories were of people I met along the way, the adventures we had and the friendships that grew!

    • Alice
      11. May 2020 / 22:13

      Thank you Erin! Yes the memories will stay forever, and even friendships. And i am sure you can give your kids a lot on the way if they want to travel one day as well! 👍😊

  5. 6. May 2020 / 19:23

    I traveled alone for the first time a few years ago. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done! I was actually surprised by the amount of people I met that were on solo adventures.

    • Alice
      6. May 2020 / 19:49

      Hello Julie, Yes there are a lot of people traveling solo and it gets more popular. I think it is something that everyone should do once in life. 🙂

  6. 6. May 2020 / 14:41

    Great post! I usually keep to myself most of the time. But this does encourage me to reach out and make new friends.

    • Alice
      6. May 2020 / 14:53

      Hi Louise, I am glad to hear. It can take some courage to talk to people but also helps to build up self confidence. For your future trips I wish you best of luck and I am sure that you meet many nice people 🙂

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